Education Ministry outlines curricula, Tawjihi development plans

(Photo: Petra)
AMMAN — Minister of Education Wajih Owais on Wednesday listed his ministry’s plans aimed at developing school curricula, Tawjihi (general secondary education certificate examination), and vocational education, as well as plans to establish additional kindergartens and broaden pre-school education, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

Speaking at a meeting of the Central Planning Committee, Owais said that the ministry’s plans are meant to fulfill King Abdullah’s directives on the implementation of the national strategy to develop human resources as a roadmap for the years 2016–2025, namely in relation to upgrading all education levels in Jordan to arrive at high quality schooling and equitable access to educational services by students, irrespective of their geographic location.

Owais said concepts that are not appropriate for Jordan’s educational reputation must be dropped, like “underprivileged schools, and schools with zero success rate”, adding that work is in progress to draw out a plan that identifies challenges and proposes solutions, and noting that pre-school stage is of high importance because it lays the foundation for success.

Owais said that the ministry has formed a committee of specialists who are equipped with the necessary expertise and competence — drawing on successful international experiences — to develop a vocational education plan that responds to the Jordanian market needs.

 On curricular development, Owais said the plan aims to move away from “memorization and shift to teaching critical thinking, analysis, and life skills.”

Teachers’ training according to the plan, includes pre and post service capacity building, taking into consideration the fast advancements in education, Owais said.

Where Tawjihi is concerned, Owais said that the ministry formed a committee of experts to draw up a developmental plan for this high school general certificate. This plan, he added, aims to link Tawjihi with university admission, alleviate the psychological pressure on students and mitigate challenges facing the ministry in managing the exam.

Owais also said that the ministry has in place online platforms for teaching and training as well as for extracurricular activities, and has been constantly developing curricula to stay abreast with technological advancements.

Owais cautioned that the establishment of new schools must align with population needs across the Kingdom’s regions, noting that 10 new schools will be established on yearly basis, in addition to building annexes and amenities to existing schools and carrying out maintenance work on those that require refurbishment.

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