Deputy Armouti urges govt. for Teachers’ Syndicate elections

Criticizes judicial delay

Saleh Al-Armouti
Deputy Saleh Al-Armouti. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMANDeputy Saleh Al-Armouti, has issued a call to the government, urging the prompt organization of elections for the Teachers' Syndicate. He has also expressed concern about the protracted delays in executing judicial orders, and he has strongly criticized what he perceives as the government's misuse of power, violation of the constitution, and obstruction of justice.اضافة اعلان

He underlined the crucial responsibility of both the Prime Minister and the Cabinet in faithfully executing judicial mandates. He asserted that they must duly adhere to the court's decisions, especially those related to the Teachers' Syndicate, Jo24 reported. Moreover, he emphasized the need to balance security considerations with political matters and stressed the government's obligation to respect the constitutional provisions, notably Article 16 of the Jordanian Constitution.

Inquisitive about the rationale behind the prolonged absence of syndicate elections, Armouti emphasized the adverse impact of the present situation on the role of labor unions. He cautioned that this situation conveys a troubling message that individuals advocating for their rights may encounter similar obstacles. He also highlighted the Teachers' Syndicate's position as a member of the Council of Deputies.

He asserted with conviction that the government's adherence to the constitution, laws, and judicial verdicts is obligatory. He reiterated that conducting the Teachers’ Syndicate elections is not a matter of choice but a constitutional obligation following the court's ruling.

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