Jordan implements alternative penalties as opposed to incarceration

A convict tethered to an electronic bracelet placed on his ankle. (Photo: Twitter)
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — In a move to reform its justice system, the Ministry of Justice has begun implementing alternative penalties as an alternative to traditional incarceration. اضافة اعلان

Recent data released by the ministry reveals a increase in court rulings opting for alternative penalties instead of imprisonment, with 175 cases recorded in April alone, a local media outlet reported.

Electronic braceletsAmong the alternative penalties imposed, the justice ministry's figures highlight the utilization of electronic bracelets in 18 cases last month.

This form of supervision, often referred to as "electronic censorship," involves the wearing of electronic bracelets by individuals who have been sentenced. The bracelets serve as a monitoring device, allowing authorities to track the movements and activities of the wearers.

Remote sessions and archivesThe courts have also adopted remote trial sessions. The data provided by the ministry shows that approximately 8.1 thousand remote trial sessions were conducted across various regions of the Kingdom in April.

The ministry also disclosed that a staggering 2.4 million judicial documents were archived during the same period.

Community punishmentsBuilding upon its commitment to justice reform, Jordan introduced a system of community punishments in 2022 as an alternative to traditional incarceration.

 These community punishments encompass a range of options, including community service, community and electronic monitoring, and restrictions on the convict's access to specific locations.

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