DVLD launches paperless services at Marka

DVLD car
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AMMAN — The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department (DVLD) has launched its latest batch of electronic services on Tuesday, which include the use of e-forms as an alternative to paper forms, according to AmmanNet.اضافة اعلان

The department has now passed a new milestone in automating driver and vehicle transactions and eliminating paperwork with the ultimate goal of reaching a paperless service administration. It is also in the process of integrating other components of the Public Security Directorate (PSD) aimed at raising the level of services provided to citizens.

Director of PSD Maj. Gen. Hussein Hawatmeh had given instructions to provide all the technical capabilities necessary to start providing these services at the main administration center in Marka, as a first stage, to be gradually expanded to include all licensing departments in the Kingdom.

Those applying for a driver’s license will be able to carry out the procedures without filling paper forms. All information will be entered electronically. The same procedure applies to medical and theoretical examinations and security approvals.

As for legal/notary transactions related to vehicles, an employee will be in charge of filling all relevant forms electronically, so that all the two parties to the contract have to do is to sign the electronic forms.

The DVLD recently launched a package of online services for a large number of services, most notably renewal of private vehicle licenses, and issuance of driving licenses to replace lost and damaged licenses, among others.

The department has continued to expand the drive through licensing service of vehicles to cover all governorates. The service allows citizens to complete transactions of renewing vehicle ownership licenses without getting out of the vehicle.

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