Curriculum development center considers inclusion of media education

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Mainstreaming media education in the national curriculum will be carried out, not through the addition of media textbooks to the curricula, but rather through a variety of methods. (File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The National Center for Curriculum Development (NCCD) is currently examining the possibility of preparing the curricular framework for “media education” at schools through the integration of media concepts into most subjects across all levels of school education in the Kingdom, including in private and public schools.اضافة اعلان

Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education Najwa Qbeilat told Jordan News that mainstreaming media education in the national curriculum will be carried out, not through the addition of media textbooks to the curricula, but rather through a variety of methods, one of which is the introduction of new chapters on media concepts to existing textbooks, primarily to social studies and information technology.

Additionally, the prospect of assigning two class slots per week for students to learn a variety of media related skills is being explored, according to Qbeilat, like writing a journalistic report, and a speech for an audience. “The Ministry of Education will communicate with the NCCD to explore these options,” Qbeilat said.

NCCD Director Mahmoud Massad told Jordan News that these new set of skills are bound to serve as positive additions to school education. “The introduction of these new concepts will be very beneficial to students, as they will be aware of the need to verify sources and accuracy of information that they read and to be cautious of rumors,” he said. The move will also involve training teachers to become prepared to educate students on these new media concepts, which is also under assessment, according to Massad.

Massad added that the NCCD reviews textbooks on yearly basis to determine if any changes should be made by the competent parties. “If the addition of media education concepts is approved, it is possible that during the annual review of such textbooks, the concepts and terminologies related to media education would be added during that period,” he said.

He said that the annual revision is an opportunity that allows the addition, deletion, amendment of new concepts. “For example, in a mathematics textbook, some terms related to media skills like critical thinking and skepticism, would be highlighted for students in a different color, to emphasize these new topics.”

It is not only mathematics textbooks that could be used to promote media concepts and skills. Even art, music and sports textbooks also hold the capability to convey these conceptual terms as well, Massad maintained, although, social studies, Arabic and English textbooks are probably better suited to teach these ideas, he clarified.

Although proposed by the NCCD, the final decision of implementing this new framework to the educational curriculum will be taken by a specialized board at the Ministry of Education. Massad said the decision could be made as early as February this year. “Personally, I do not predict that the ministry will reject these changes; on the contrary, they will probably be in favor.” He noted that a budget allocation will be required to prepare the educational material and train the teachers on delivering the new concepts, but that regardless of the cost, the move should be welcomed and will bring valuable outcomes.

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