Consumer Protection calls on citizens to cultivate vegetables at home

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(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN – The National Consumer Protection Association has called on citizens who own cultivable spaces to make use of them and cultivate certain types of vegetables that do not require large amounts of water, relying on rainwater for their growth. اضافة اعلان

According to Al-Ghad Newspaper, this is aimed at reducing the cost of daily purchases. Dr. Mohammad Obeidat, the association's president, mentioned that cultivating available spaces in homes with vegetables and herbs like tomatoes, beans, mint, and parsley will contribute to saving a small portion of the daily purchasing budget.

Additionally, it will promote the idea of developing the local economy in rural areas, suburbs, and camps, as the local economy is considered the third partner in supplying and supporting the national economy.

Obeidat added that expertise from agricultural specialists can be sought to learn modern methods of home gardening and how to utilize available spaces in homes for cultivating certain types of vegetables that grow quickly.

Cultivating these types will help reduce the cost of daily living and avoid purchasing vegetables at high prices during the winter season, when prices of some varieties usually rise for a not-so-short period.

The Ministry of Agriculture was urged to organize informative and guidance seminars and workshops to educate and inform citizens about gardening methods and faster-growing products that do not require large amounts of water.

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