Surge in electricity bills sparks consumer complaints

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The National Consumer Protection Association (NSCP) has received complaints from citizens regarding a significant and excessive increase in electricity bills. In some cases, the increase has reached as high as 100 percent, compared to previous months. This surge in prices has raised concerns, especially since most citizens practice energy conservation measures.اضافة اعلان

In a press statement on Tuesday, Dr. Mohammad Obaidat, the President of NSCP expressed his surprise, saying, "We expected no further increases in household electricity bills, particularly after the implementation of government-supported tariffs. However, as we have experienced before, the electricity company has once again raised the bill values without a justifiable reason. This is particularly concerning because the weather has not significantly increased, and there shouldn't be excessive strain on the power grids,” Amman Net reported.

He further added that this unwarranted price hike by the company will place a heavy burden on citizens who are already facing challenging economic conditions.

Disconnections, significant financial losses, and emotional distress
Consequently, a significant number of citizens will struggle to pay their bills, leading to power disconnections and significant financial losses. Moreover, the emotional distress caused by the electricity disconnections cannot be underestimated.

He criticized the company's approach in handling citizens' complaints and feedback. He stated that citizens have expressed their dissatisfaction with the company's negative and inadequate response. The company has failed to address these concerns seriously, provide clear and convincing answers, or take appropriate measures to rectify the evident discrepancies in the billing system.

Obaidat demanded that the electricity distribution company provide a scientific explanation for this sudden increase in electricity prices. If there are any price hikes, they should be transparent, justified, and clearly communicated to all segments of society. Many people have noticed a significant change in their electricity bills over the past three months, with increases ranging from 30 percent to 100 percent.

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