Former minister warns of high traffic accident death rates in Jordan

traffic accidents
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Former Minister of Housing and Public Works, Mohammad Obeidat, has raised concerns about Jordan's high rates of deaths due to traffic accidents. اضافة اعلان

According to a local media outlet, Obeidat stated on Saturday that the country is one of the worst in the world in terms of traffic accident deaths.

Staggering Statistics
Obeidat revealed that a person dies every 20 hours in Jordan due to accidents, and between 500 and 700 people die annually due to traffic accidents.

He stressed that these numbers are staggering and have a significant economic cost, with the human factor accounting for 85 percent of the accidents, while other factors such as road quality and environmental factors play a role as well.

Intensified surveillance and legislation neededFormer Director of the Land Transport Regulatory Authority, Salah Al-Lawzi, has called for intensified surveillance and legislation to reduce the number of traffic accidents in Jordan.

He emphasized that since the traffic law has not been passed and amended since 2016 and is still pending, the government must take urgent action.

Lawzi also noted that while advertising campaigns are helpful, penalties for those who endanger their own lives and the lives of others must be increased. He suggested "intensifying cameras in every street and residential neighborhood for important security and traffic purposes" to improve safety on the roads.

Improving traffic safety system and enforcing vehicle fitness
The President of the Jordanian Society for the Prevention of Road Accidents, Wafai Mseis, highlighted the importance of improving the traffic safety system and enforcing vehicle fitness.

Dcision-makers, he said, should focus on these issues, adding that the percentage of traffic accidents in Jordan has decreased significantly.

Mseis called for the urgent amendment of the traffic law in Jordan, emphasizing that the country has the lowest fine value in the world for using mobile phones while driving.

 He also criticized the government's lack of priority in addressing traffic policy issues.

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