Children march in Irbid to demand the world save the children of Gaza

irbid protest
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IRBID – Around a thousand children gathered in front of Irbid Municipality's building on Saturday morning to leave their mark with red handprints on a message directed to the world, titled "Save Childhood in Gaza."اضافة اعلان

Jo24 reported that a significant number of Irbid's children participated in the event organized by the municipality to declare the city's children's solidarity with their peers who are exposed to the worst forms of killing and abuse in Gaza.

The children released balloons with the colors of the Palestinian flag into the city's sky, carrying both the Jordanian and Palestinian flags to emphasize the unity of the two peoples in the past, present, and future. They also held placards condemning massacres that violate all children's rights, laws, and international conventions that emphasize protecting children from the effects of wars during their outbreaks.

Many of the participating children delivered speeches and recited poetry in both Arabic and English, expressing their feelings filled with innocence and sincerity towards the children in Gaza who have been affected by the cruel hands. They conveyed their hope for an immediate end to the violence and for the children of Gaza to live in peace, granting them happiness, love, and the right to play.

Dr. Nabeel Al-Kofahi, the mayor of Greater Irbid Municipality, stated that this event aimed to instill the love for Palestine in the hearts of children and the new generations who will carry the torch in the coming days. It also serves as an educational effort to make them aware that the Palestinian cause is the main and central issue for all Arabs and Muslims.

Al-Kofahi added that the municipality represents the conscience of the citizens and their directions. Since taking office, the municipal council has interacted with all social issues, working to highlight the role of development and partnerships with all institutions.

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