Bar association donates medical aid to Palestinians

The Jordan Bar Association building
The Jordan Bar Association building (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Jordan Bar Association (JBA) has decided to donate JD100,000 to benefit Palestinians in the form of medicine, supplies, and medical equipment. اضافة اعلان

The decision came after a week of fighting that has left over 200 Palestinians dead, including civilians, and thousands wounded across Gaza and the West Bank.

“The donations will go to the Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem and the field hospitals in Ramallah and Gaza (operated by the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army),” according to Adel Al-Tarawneh, an attorney and a member of the committee formed for the donations, who spoke to Jordan News.

“This will be happening under the supervision of the Jordanian government and the Ministry of Health,” he said. “They are in a constant contact with them.”

Tarawneh said that the association has a resilience support fund, which was founded in 2002. Each JBA lawyer pays JD5 every year to “support our families in beloved Palestine. We will be collecting JD100,000 to help Palestinians — it is our role to always support them.”

“We will also donate an amount of JD2,000 to the family of any lawyer martyred as a result of the Zionist massacres. We are in a constant contact with the bar association in Palestine to know how many lawyers are martyred and send them the donations,” said Tarawneh. “We will be doing anything we can to help them. We will not stop here.”

The association’s support for Palestinians also extends to providing support for Palestinian land claims. Tarawneh confirmed that “we contact lawyers in the West Bank to provide them with legal documentation they need to keep their land. That documentation” helps secure their ownership of their land, “which is threatened with confiscation by the occupation, especially in Sheikh Jarrah.”

Some of this documentation is in Jordan, Tarawneh said, adding that “We will make sure to deliver them to those who need them.”

Mohammad Irshaid, a Palestinian attorney attending the event, told Jordan News that the donations are “highly appreciated and truly reflect solidarity between Jordan and Palestine.”

Jordanians have been always helpful to Palestinians,” Irshaid added. “They always stay and stand by our sides and we never forget their honourable actions in every conflict we face.”

“We are facing very difficult circumstances and hard times in Palestine,” he said. “We need help so we can fight what we are going through. We need medicine especially, because the number of injuries is ever increasing, and also the families of the martyrs need money so they can get back on their feet, especially if the martyr is the breadwinner.”

“It is a must to thank His Majesty King Abdullah for his continuous efforts in supporting the Palestinian cause and the Palestinians,” the lawyer concluded. “I believe that Palestine will be free one day because international solidarity is with us — especially and most importantly Jordan’s.”

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