‘All we want is jobs,’ — Madaba youth

prime ministry building
Prime Ministry.(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Madaba Security officials on Wednesday released nine men who had been under arrest for four hours while going to the Prime Ministry for a sit in demanding jobs.اضافة اعلان

According to one of the men, Ibrahim Tamimi, they had left their city, some 30km southwest of Amman, to walk towards the Fourth Circle in the capital, where the prime minister’s office is, but were rounded up near the Foreign Ministry building on the Airport Highway.

“We were released four hours later after signing a pledge not to move our sit-in to Amman,” Tamimi, 27, said.

Their protest started a month ago and soon captured public opinion. The group’s spokesman, Abdullah Rawahneh, said its members would sleep in the street, and during bad weather they would sleep in a nearby small warehouse, but the owner, he claimed, was pressured by authorities to bar them from using the facility.

“We went back to Al-Salam Plaza [in Madaba] and would spend the nights there, but when the security officials saw how determined we were and became aware of our plan to walk to the Fourth Circle [in Amman], they talked to the owner of the warehouse to allow us to continue sleeping there.”

“We have not ended the sit-in despite the cold weather,” said Rawahneh, who had worked in electric appliances maintenance and saved money to start his own business in the trade, but the pandemic brought the business to a complete halt, and he found himself unemployed.

“All we want is jobs,” he said.

Tamimi, a mechanical engineer by training, graduate of Mutah University, has not been able to find a job either.

“Waking up in the morning with no purpose and relying on my father for pocket money is painful,” he said.

The commissioner-general of the National Center for Human Rights, Alaa Al-Armouti, said that it is the right of the young people to organize sit-ins, and that their movement and demands should not be prohibited, adding that their arrest was illegal, and a restriction of people’s freedom of expression.

Jordan News contacted the governor of Madaba, Nayef Al-Hdayat, but he refused to provide a statement.

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