16 cases of live ammunition firing during Tawjihi results transfer to court

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — On Sunday, 16 cases related to the firing of live ammunition during the announcement of high school results in the capital were transferred from the public prosecution to the Amman Magistrate Court. All individuals involved in these cases have been detained for over ten days pending investigation, and all the weapons used have been seized.اضافة اعلان

In Jerash, the injury of an 8-year-old girl, a victim of 'celebratory gunfire,' at the start of the results announcement caused her to slip into a coma due to a stray bullet fired during the celebrations, Ammon News reported.

A total of 38 individuals inked to firing live ammunition
Despite the Kingdom's institutions implementing stringent laws to prosecute and penalize anyone involved in gunfire, a total of 38 individuals linked to firing live ammunition have been detained across various parts of the Kingdom this year, with 38 firearms confiscated.

Major General Obaidullah Maaytah, the director of the General Security Directorate, instructed that anyone firing shots during celebrations should be apprehended, emphasizing the importance of not closing any case without making an arrest. He directed all personnel in the field to apprehend the shooter, the event's host, and the homeowner where the celebration is being held, in an effort to combat this phenomenon that is causing distress in Jordanian society and claiming the lives of numerous victims.

Preventing harm or the loss of innocent lives
In response, Chief Prosecutor Judge Yousef Thiabat issued orders to local prosecutors to pursue individuals firing live ammunition in conjunction with the announcement of high school results. He asserted that the public prosecution is committed to upholding societal security and peace, maintaining public and private order, and preventing harm or the loss of innocent lives.

Article 330 bis of the Penal Code stipulates that anyone who fires a firearm without justification, shoots an arrow, or uses explosive material without prior approval shall be sentenced to three months' imprisonment or fined one thousand dinars, or both punishments together. Additionally, the weapon used shall be confiscated, regardless of whether it was licensed.

Article 467 of the Penal Code states that anyone who causes unnecessary noise or disturbance that disrupts public peace shall be sentenced to imprisonment for up to one month or fined JD200, or both punishments together, if they are causing discomfort to others.

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