1 in 3 Jordanians can’t survive a month without income — survey

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AMMAN — One-third of Jordanians are unable to survive without income for more than a month, while 19 percent of them can endure for longer, as revealed in a recent report by the Lloyd's Register Foundation.اضافة اعلان

Jordanians cannot sustain for more than a week
The report, which assesses the ability to withstand periods without income in the face of natural disasters or economic shocks, indicates that 34 percent of Jordanians cannot sustain themselves for more than a week without income, Al Ghad reported.

125,000 individuals from 121 countries
These findings were gathered through a survey of the opinions of 125,000 individuals from 121 countries. The study inquired about the duration individuals could cover their basic needs without income, classifying responses into those capable of enduring for over a month, a month or less, or less than a week, as well as those who either did not know or refused to disclose.

Jordan ranks with the lowest capacity to endure without income
According to the study's results, Jordan ranks among the countries with the lowest capacity to endure without income, occupying the 119th position out of 121 countries included in the study. Bangladesh ranks at the very bottom, with only 16 percent of its citizens able to sustain themselves for more than a month without income. Egypt closely follows at 120th place, where only 18 percent of Egyptians can endure for more than a month. Preceding them in order are Jordan, Lebanon, and India.

In contrast, Sweden leads the list of countries with the greatest ability to endure without income for over a month, with roughly 89 percent of Swedes capable of surviving this duration. Hong Kong follows at 84 percent, and Norway secures the third spot at 83 percent, followed by Finland and Iceland.

The study concludes that those who can cover their needs for extended periods generally hail from advanced economies, while those who can do so for shorter periods typically come from developing economies, where financial security is more fragile.

The study further reveals that approximately 2.7 billion people worldwide can only meet their basic needs for a month or less without income. Among this group, 946 million people can survive for a maximum of one week.

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