Yarmouk University suspends extracurriculars in bid to stem COVID

Yarmouk University
Yarmouk University on Tuesday announced a halt to all of their extracurricular activities in a bid to curb cases of COVID-19. (Photos: Yarmouk University)
 AMMAN — Yarmouk University on Tuesday announced a halt to all of their extracurricular activities after the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research said that the number of COVID-19 cases at universities had hit 2,515 since the beginning of the school year. اضافة اعلان

The university’s decision came after a number of other university have decided to limit or halt extracurricular activities all together.  Director of Yarmouk University’s department of public relations and media, Mokhles Abbini, told Jordan News that “we believe that it is our role to protect our Kingdom from the spread of coronavirus cases, and therefore; the president of the university decided to stop all the extracurricular activities as a precautionary measure”.

He said that all academic lectures will continue without any changes, adding that all students and teaching staff are adhering to the recommended safety measures, such as wearing masks, respecting physical distancing, and using sanitizer.

Director of the public relations department at Mutah University, Waleed Al-Rawadieh, told Jordan News that while the university decided to not halt all of their activities, they had decided to limit them.

Rawadieh said: “The university is not going to stop its activities anytime soon; however, it is ready to commit to any new decisions issued by the government, if the epidemiological situation necessitates.” 

He added that despite the continuation of some activities, all students are adhering to the safety measures.

Adopting the same approach, the head of the University of Jordan’s deanship of student affairs office, Enas Shukeirat, told Jordan News that is not clear for now if the university is going to halt extracurricular activities in the near future. 
“As for now, activities are still running, yet under certain conditions to ensure the safety of students,” she said.

However, the University of Jordan has already slashed the number of activities it is holding compared to before the pandemic, as well as the number of students involved in those activities. 

Fathi Al-Faouri, dean of student affairs at the University of Petra, told Jordan News that his university already halted activities at the beginning of the academic year. 

The official spokesman of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mohannad Khatib, told Jordan News that “Yarmouk University has recorded the highest (number of) coronavirus cases among students, with 300 cases; and therefore, it decided to stop its activities.” 

Khatib stressed that the ministry does not have the right to halt extracurricular activities at universities, which are subject to specific protocols within the defense orders.

In recent remarks to local media outlets, the spokesman said that the Ministry of Higher Education considers the epidemiological situation at public and private universities and colleges to be acceptable and somewhat stable.
According to Khatib, the cumulative number of cases recorded at Jordanian public and private universities and colleges was 2,515, including all faculty members, administrators, and students, as of Tuesday, which represented 0.006 percent of the total number of faculty and students.

He stressed that if “the Higher Education Council feels that the continuity of classroom learning is dangerous to the health and safety of students, faculty members, and administrators, the council will be ready to issue new immediate decisions that take into account the epidemiological situation in the Kingdom.”

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