Social media has significant influence on Jordanians — users

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AMMAN — Impact of social media is significant in Jordan, where many people shared stories about how influencers and trending geeks helped them save their failing business. اضافة اعلان

The latest example was this week, when a 20-year-old college graduate posted an emotional story on Facebook, asking people to give a try to her father’s week-old shawerma shop. Hours later, people thronged Suhool Sahab in southeast Amman.

A hairdressing shop owner, who said she lost her business due to personal reasons, insisted that she would not have been able to make it again without social media.

“I could not get back on my feet without the help of social media influencers and the Jordanian people,” she told Jordan News, insisting she not be identified for concern that may affect her prospering business now.

“Literally, I lost everything I had built for years and I was completely devastated,” she said. “But now, thank God I am back on track and even stronger than I was ever before.”

“The Jordanian people are very brave; they stood by me in such a way that my own family did not,” she added.

Zayna Al-Hamarneh, a social media specialist and content creator, said influencers have a significant role to play in helping people out.

“When you are an influencer, you add something to people’s lives, whether you have a platform with 100 followers or 100,000 followers,” she said. “The number doesn’t matter, what does matter is really influencing and impacting people.”

“If influencers want to affect the public positively, they must be accurate and precise in the information they deliver to the public, and refrain from posting misleading material, even if the purpose of it is to entertain others,” Hamarneh explained.

She said influencers must be “real” on social media platforms, to be “normal, showcase real emotions, and the ups and downs as they are.”

Referring to “freezing her eggs”, an inspiring and influencing story, Hamarneh said “my story was perceived as powerful to people, even though I did not know it was this powerful.”

As a result of her story, many women froze their eggs, she said. “Whether they did it for medical, or social reasons, they took the decision after seeing” her post.

She said she received calls from doctors, who noted that her post changed the way they run their business.

Hamarneh said that some social media influencers tend to ride the wave, showing off if their post makes a trend, or is socially appealing. But she maintained that social media users are selective when it comes to supporting a cause, or following a trend.

Saleh Hamdan, known as the “Zarqa Boy” who became a social media blogger and influencer following the tragic incident when his hands were cut off, said social media influencers adopted his story, bringing it to public attention.

“After the tragedy I went through, social media influencers and users spread the news before local TV channels did, about what happened with me to draw public attention to my case,” Hamdan told Jordan News.

“Social media has a very positive side because it sheds light on cases that should become public opinion cases,” he said. “I thank everyone who was on my side, until I reached this stage mentally and physically.”

Commenting on his own responsibility as a social media influencer, Hamdan said: “I always check whether my content is appropriate for my followers, since children and old women also follow me.”

“So, I’m always mindful about the material I post,” he explained.

He said his personal trainer, Esam Yamoni, was the first to encourage him to launch social media accounts, and to inspire and influence people.

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