People flock into shawerma joint upon trending Facebook post

(Photos: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Trending on social media, the week-old Sohool Sahab turned from an empty restaurant to an overcrowded joint in just one day.اضافة اعلان

People thronged into the Shawerma joint in Sahab district, in the southeastern part of Amman, in response to a story posted on Facebook by Ruba Sami, the daughter of a partner in the business.

“My father is the only provider and the main source of income for the family who did not make money for a while,” sighed Sami, 20, a fresh college graduate.

“A couple of days ago, my father called me with a sad tone in his voice, saying he has not sold anything for three days because the restaurant is new and people prefer places, which are more known,” she groaned.

Despite being disheartened, she reassured her father, and shared his story on social media.

“The post was short,” she noted. “My purpose was to get people to know about the restaurant, and my dad’s experience in preparing Shawerma, just to help make money.”

She said her friends started sharing the post into groups, until it reached Jordanian influencers, like Deya Elayyan, Omar Zorba, Farah Ashour, and others ”who offered to help me and my father.”

She said she did not know about the influence of social media until that day.

“Many people contacted us, offering free ads to the restaurant, while more than 25 people volunteered by bring sweets, chairs, and microphones for a celebration launching the joint,” she said. The celebration took place on Monday at 6:00 pm.

She expressed her appreciation to all Jordanians for their support.

Her father, Sami Abdullah, said he “did not expect this turnout. The situation is promising. Thank God and the Jordanian people for supporting me.”

He added he had to get more food, about 10 times more, to have sufficient meals.

One of the people in the joint awaiting his meal told Jordan News that “the restaurant is very big and offers excellent services.” He said he was there to support Abdullah.

Another one said social media influencers contributed highly to the restaurant’s success. “It is overcrowded and I have been waiting for a while to get my food.”

“I came here early today, and I do not mind waiting all day as long as ‘the uncle’,” he said, referring to Abdullah, “is satisfied and happy.”

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