Recycling services in Jordan

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It is important to think of ways to leave our planet in the best way possible for our future generations. Recycling is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of waste that is harming the environment. It is beneficial for the environment as old products that are no longer useful are repurposed. اضافة اعلان

The process of recycling could start from home. For example, if you are not throwing away your old clothes and instead use them to create new pieces, you are already recycling.

People should start recycling for several reasons: reduce the amount of waste, help conserve non-renewable resources, avoid an energy crisis by saving it, prevent overburdening landfills and incinerators, generate jobs, help households’ economy, and limit the search for raw resources.

In Jordan, recycling could be a challenge, as is in many other countries in the MENA region, but it is possible, and some people are recycling their old products.

Recycling services in Jordan:

Green spot is an environmental initiative founded in 2019 to make Jordan a greener place. Green spot offers many paper collection and recycling services from offices, shops, hotels, schools, homes, and restaurants. Paper accounts for up to 15 percent of solid waste in Amman and may be recycled into new paper, which in its turn can save local businesses money and lower the carbon footprint. Through it, people can keep their workspaces clean while helping to save trees from being cut down and turned into paper.

Green spot buys broken electrical motors and metal, including brass, lead, aluminium, copper, and steel, in Amman and in provinces. They recycle the metals and make them raw materials that will be used repeatedly to reduce pollution and the carbon footprint. By reusing the same metals over and over, they may reduce solid waste in municipal waste landfills and save Jordan use of raw materials.

Fabrica is a home-based enterprise that was launched in 2019 with the aim of reducing waste by recycling fabrics. The main focus, however, is to recycle plastic, which does not decompose.

Fabrica collects unused fabrics from several places around Jordan, such as textile shops located downtown Amman, from individuals, and from other available options; it partnered with WashyWash, an eco-friendly cleaning service app in Amman, to ensure that the recycled products are clean and hygienic.

Fabrica makes earrings, tote bags, tutus, and other products. Its goal is to raise waste management awareness, support talented tailors, encourage creativity, and reduce production costs and fabric waste.

Green Wheelz is a non-profit organization established in 2013; its aim is to protect the environment by recycling aluminium cans and plastic bottle caps. The organization also contributes to the treatment and education of disabled children and children with cerebral palsy. The most important goals of Green Wheelz are to take crucial steps to protect the environment and raise awareness about it, and nurture an environment-protection culture among local communities that will reflect on these communities and positively change them.

T Bottle is one of the few green shops in Jordan that repurposes glass. It collects empty glass from shops around Amman and tries to create artistic pieces that would add a touch to customers’ offices or homes.

A great amount of glass is not being recycled and end up harming the environment. T Bottle collected around 30,000 bottles to create its products. All are handmade, and cleaned with water and heat to ensure proper hygiene.

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