Demand on electric cars increasing significantly

ev electric car charging station
A little girl and her mother standing by the trunk of an electric car in at a charging station (Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — According to a representative of the automobile sector at the Jordan Free Zone Investor Commission (JFZIC) Jihad Abu Nasser, demand on electric cars is witnessing a significant increase, attributed by some to the increase in oil prices.اضافة اعلان

Abu Nasser told Jordan News that “about 4,000 electric cars were cleared in the past four months, while only 1,402 were cleared during the same period last year”, adding that “700 electric cars have been cleared in the past three weeks, and I expect that number to reach 1,000 by the end of this month”.

President of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce Nael Al-Kabariti told Jordan News that “global changes, particularly those concerning energy and technology matters, imposed on us a new reality that forced us to change our way of life”.

Kabarity believes that “all Jordanians will own electric cars in the coming period if the situation remains as it is”.

The decision to lower the cost of energy cost the government a lot, he said, disagreeing, however with “the government’s decision to impose fees and a special tax on electric cars”, which “is wrong”. 

“It is unreasonable for the government to focus on collecting revenues by raising fees and taxes,” he said, stressing that the government should find a better strategy to deal with the requirements of the current situation and global changes.

Mahmoud Abu Zaid, a car dealer in a car showroom, told Jordan News that “there is a noticeable increase in the demand for electric cars, and perhaps the most prominent reason for this is the continuous rise in the prices of oil derivatives”.

Other reasons, he said, may be the efficiency “electric cars have proven during the last period”, and their prices, which “are within everyone’s reach”.

“The great demand for these cars, which increases significantly year after year, means that we may reach a day when all citizens will use electric cars rather than gasoline powered cars,” Abu Zaid said, urging the government “to lower the taxes imposed on these cars, since the high prices of oil derivatives have become a real obstacle to citizens who cannot bear any new financial burdens”.

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