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Daylight saving time all year round saves energy —experts

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AMMAN — Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh said the government is contemplating adopting the daylight saving time all year round, a plan that experts praised, saying it will save energy.اضافة اعلان

Winter time, in which clocks are turned back 60 minutes putting the Kingdom two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, usually starts on the last Friday in October every year, but maybe not this year.

The premier appeared in a television interview, saying keeping the summer time all year round was being reviewed by experts in the government, which is expected to announce its decision on the finding within days.

Khasawneh revealed that the US was also contemplating the same move.

Jordan and other countries change their local time ahead of the spring and autumn. But in 2012, the government canceled winter time, sparking calls by Jordanians demanding the decision be revoked.

At the time, many parents argued that their children became vulnerable to the cold, leaving the house in the wee hours of the morning, while dark and cold, especially during the winter days.

Eventually, the government rescinded its decision. It was not immediately clear what prompted the government to contemplate reinstating the old plan.

Energy expert Amer Al-Shobaki told Jordan News that the decision “is positive and in the interest of the citizen”.

“Citizens might not see the impact immediately, but they will feel it when the financial rewards start dawning,” he said.

“The decision was made to save on the energy bill of the state and citizens,” he said.

“In the morning, the atmosphere is bleak and cold in winter, this requires a higher consumption of electricity to secure lighting and heating. The effect is therefore positive, but not clearly tangible.”

He noted that “the first to act on this law was Britain to save citizens in winter and reduce energy consumption in the morning.”

“In the early hours of the morning, it is still dark, so people who have certain work that requires them to leave their houses early, will consume more electricity,” he said.

“Adopting summer time saves an hour of electricity consumption,” he added.

Mohammed Said, who works at a restaurant in Western Amman, told Jordan News that the idea “will be of remarkable benefit to workers who wake up at dawn and early morning hours to get ready for their work”.

He pointed out that the idea will positively affect them, if adopted.

He said that he is obliged to arrive at work earlier than others to prepare work for others. He said “maintaining summer time all year gives me an extra hour, and therefore, I can have an extra hour of sleep.”

Amman housewife Um Khalid, 40, told Jordan News that she preferred summer time because “it has a positive impact on the safety of my children” because they will return home from school before it gets dark.

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