Barriers obstruct women’s business

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Woman working on her laptops. (Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — Companies owned by businesswomen and registered with the Amman Chamber of Commerce  numbered 2,761 in 2021, fewer than businessmen with establishments registered with the chamber, whose number stands at 19,931.اضافة اعلان

The percentage is still very low, said women entrepreneurs interviewed by Jordan News, who also stressed that societal and economic barriers are the most prominent obstacles facing women’s advancement and entry into the labor market.

Gharam Ali Al-Zoubi, professor and international expert in strategic management and skills development in the labor market, told Jordan News that “despite the continuous increase in the participation of women in the labor market, in general, the percentage is still low.”

According to her, “lack of supportive systems that encourage women” is the main reason women have low labor participation. She also believes there should be more financial support for businesswomen and recognition of the role of women in the economic advancement of society.

“I see women who want and yearn to participate in the labor market and start their own companies, but circumstances stand against that,” Zoubi said

In the case of working mothers, obstacles are compounded by the “lack of child care homes close to their workplaces and at reasonable prices”, she said, underlining that “husbands’ support is essential for women’s success”.

MP Zainab Al-Mousa believes that “the issue is related to the historical context of Jordanian and Arab women in general, as they did not participate in commercial activities and did not own real estate due to the customs and traditions of the community.”

She pointed out that in order to become businesswomen, “we need to accumulate capital, and this is only available to a small percentage of women, or is available to women who live in the capital and not elsewhere”.

According to Hind Al-Khlaifat, businesswoman and founder of Alocloud, “the conditions for businesswomen today are much easier than they used to be.”

“There are many businesswomen and business owners who are true examples of success for us, but we still need to see more,” she pointed out.

“Women who want to be entrepreneurs should fight cultural constraints and have the ability to compete, in order to project their image in society,” she said.

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