Al Aqsa Flood rejuvenates the Palestinian struggle in refugee camps

Al Baqaa refugee camp
Al Baqa’a refugee camp. (File photo: Jordan News)
21-year-old Rashed Al-Ajarma, originally from Hebron Governorate and residing in Al-Wehdat Camp says the atmosphere within his refugee camp has completely changed in the last few days. اضافة اعلان

Once a breeding ground of bitterness, resentment, and darkness, Ajarma says the success of Hamas’s operation has provided a new glimmer of hope and rejuvenated the self-belief of the people.

“I want to join the resistance,” he proclaimed, describing the pride felt seeing Palestinian flags raised high.

Throughout Jordan’s many camps, the mood is jovial despite the ongoing destruction of Gaza - for them this was a great victory over an enemy rarely ever hurt.

38 year old Souad Mohamad, who lives in the Al Baqa’a camp, said she was elated with the breakthrough as she prepared sweets with her children and distributed them to neighbors.

The streets echoed with ululations, and people danced with sheer delight as the camp’s youth went out to public parks to celebrate the victory. The joviant sound of patriotic Palestinian songs rang through the streets.

Emad Nasrallah, the owner of a sweet shop in the camp, said the perceived victory had rejuvenated people's spirits, and restored their dignity, and reaffirmed that the Israeli entity, despite its formidable arsenal, cannot withstand the resilience of Palestine.

“We do not forget our history, nor do we betray our cause.”

Nasrallah said he had contacted family in Palestine to celebrate and was told there had been at least a member of each family from his extended relatives that had been killed. Nevertheless, he said the morale of the families was still high despite the loss. With many competing to offer their lives and perform heroic deeds in defense of Al-Aqsa.

Ali Al-Raie from the Souf camp said that the importance of this victory contributed to dispelling misconceptions. Most notably he said it refuted the allegations that the Palestinian people had tired of their cause and that the current generation would abandon it.

“The victory was an incentive for our youth, and inspires them to be willing to sacrifice their lives for Al-Aqsa."

He added that these incredible feats are nothing new for the people of Gaza; these are people who are achieving tremendous feats.

Odeh Abu Sosean, former head of the Jerash Camp Services Committee, spoke about the importance of this victory in the context of the refugee experience. Born in Rafah in 1958, Sosean said the memories of the refugee journey still brought him a lot of pain.

He said this small victory was welcome news to those who have suffered through displacement. He said life in the camps was hard, but felt hopeful that this was a sign of the inevitably and closeness of liberation.

“A tank is a moving coffin, and an airplane does not occupy land.”

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