Borkelmans urges team to focus on Kuwait match Friday

Jordan Yazan Al-Arab celebrates with teammates match against Nepal
Jordan’s Yazan Al-Arab celebrates with teammates after scoring the Kingdom’s first goal during the match against Nepal, June 7, 2021. (Photo: JFA)
AMMAN — Following their (3-0) victory against Nepal, Jordan’s first division football coach, Vital Borkelmans said that the team must now look forward to their next game, against Kuwait.اضافة اعلان

Jordan will play Kuwait on June 11 to at 10 pm in a game that will determine whether they secure their place as the runner up of Group B, joining Australia in the final round of Qatar World Cup qualifiers.

The coach expressed his “full confidence” in the Kingdom’s ability to secure a spot in the final round of the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers and 2023 FIFA Asia Cup finals in China.

Commenting on the team’s (3-0) win against Nepal on Monday, Borkelmans said: “We played well achieved of our goal, which was to earn three points.”

In press remarks, Borkelmans expressed his condolences to Jordan’s Muhannad Khairallah who lost his newborn a few days after birth.
“We received the news shortly before we left for our match (against Nepal), but Khairallah showed great resolve, which we appreciate and are proud of, especially since he still chose to play and give an exceptional performance,” Borkelmans said.

In a video conference with national team players, HRH Prince Ali, chairman of the Jordan Football Association’s (JFA) Executive Board, stressed the importance of winning against Nepal and qualifying to the final round of qualifiers.

The JFA has allocated a sum of $15,000 for each player if the team manages to book a spot in the final round of World Cup qualifiers.

The previous round of matches saw Australia defeat Kuwait (3-0) and Nepal beat China (2-0). Australia has so far secured a distant lead with 15 points, while Jordan broke its tie with Kuwait for second place, giving the former a score of 13 points and the latter 10 points. Nepal remains in fourth place with 6 points and China in fifth with null.

The leader and runner up of each qualifier group will secure their place in final round of qualifiers. The winners and runners up will also qualify directly to the Aisa Cup finals in China.

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