The national football team resume local training to prepare for Arab Cup

2.Al nashama
The national football team, Al-Nashama, have resumed training in Amman in preparation of the Arab Cup. (Photo: Jordan Football Association)
AMMAN — The national football team, Al-Nashama, resumed training in Amman in preparations for the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup, which will take place beginning of December in Doha.اضافة اعلان

Led by Coach Adnan Hamad, the national team conducted training at the Al-Karameh stadium, with 11 players present.

The coach emphasized the importance of the training camp set up last week in Kosovo and Belarus for the national team, as it was the last training stop before the Arab Cup. 

“We have achieved our objectives with the training camp, and we will continue our daily practices to reach a level of readiness required before departing to Doha next Friday,” he added.

Hamad noted his trust in the players, primarily because of everything that team has given over the past few months. “Our main mission is to build a strong young team that can compete with the top Asian teams in the finals of 2023. Our focus now is on the Arab Cup and our first goal milestone to hit is the quarter-finals.”

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