Red Bull Neymar Junior’s Five returns to Jordan

(Photo: Red Bull)
AMMAN — Amateur footballers from across the globe are looking forward to the return of the world’s biggest five-a-side tournament this year which has kicked off with its eight qualifying rounds across Jordan. According to a press statement, these qualifiers will take place in the following cities and dates: اضافة اعلان

Aqaba: Aqaba Football Field on March 12.
Amman: Luminus Technical University College (LTUC) on March 17.
Amman: Jordan University on March 18.  
Irbid: King Abdullah II Gardens on March 19.  
Zarqa: Golden Ball Stadium on March 26.
Amman: Applied Science Private University on March 27.
Amman: Ahli Club on March 28.
Irbid: Jordan University of Science and Technology (Techno) on March 30.

The winner of the national finals will head to the super final, which is hosted by Qatar for the first time. The players will compete in a unique footballing format where there are no goalkeepers, and every time a team scores, an opposing player is eliminated.

Matches will last for 10 minutes, or until one team loses all its players.

As for Neymar Jr, before he returns to Qatar later in the year to try to propel Brazil to glory at the World Cup, he will join the planet’s best amateur players for this tournament at the Qatar Foundation — a non-profit organization made up of more than 50 entities working in education, research, and community development.

Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five is the Brazilian star’s signature five-a-side tournament bringing players aged 16–25 from all corners of the world together to celebrate their shared passion: football.

It is a fast, technical, and fun competition. Countries across the globe will be hosting tournament qualifiers, where players will compete with the same dream of making it through qualifiers and national finals, to book a ticket to the World Final.

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