Residents say Irbid park suffers from trash, loud gatherings

People gather outside King Abdullah II Gardens in Irbid in this undated photo. (Photo: Yahya Al-Omari)
People gather outside King Abdullah II Gardens in Irbid in this undated photo. (Photo: Yahya Al-Omari)
IRBID — King Abdullah II Gardens in Irbid is the city’s largest park, however, residents say a lack of cleanliness and large crowds gathering outside the park’s walls are ruining one of Irbid’s only outdoor spaces. اضافة اعلان

According to the director of the park, Yahya Al-Omari, the biggest problem that the park administration suffers from is hygiene.

"The responsibilities of the administration and the observers lie only within the walls of the park, but we suffer late every day in cleaning the outdoor space around the garden, as a small number of people adhere to general cleanliness,” Omari said in an interview with Jordan News.

“Despite repeated attempts to urge people to clean where they were sitting before they leave, most of these attempts have failed,” he added.

Greater Irbid Municipality spokesperson, Raddad Al-Tall, said that the municipality cleans the waste left by visitors outside the garden’s walls, while also asking citizens to clean up after themselves. However, the response from citizens has been almost “non-existent”, the spokesperson said.

He added that the area can only remain clean if residents join with the municipality to help keep it clean.

Park administration, the municipality, and residents do agree on one thing, however; which is the area suffers most from large gatherings outside the park’s walls.

Loud music, fights among young people, cursing, and general disrespect in public, plagues the area just outside the garden, particularly on the weekends.

One of these incidents took place last Friday, and ended in police being called to the area. These instances occur occasionally during weekday nights but they increase significantly during weekends, resident Farah Taani told Jordan News.

There are also complaints about visitors setting up and renting tables outside — despite the fact that this is illegal. Tall told Jordan News that “self-censorship” from visitors is the only way to control the behavior outside the park.

Within the park, the administration said it is working to urge citizens to abide by public safety procedures, and loudspeakers throughout the garden reminds visitors of the importance of social distancing. However, the situation outside the park does not fall within their jurisdiction, Omari said.

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