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Jordanian Fifa referee list announced for 2022

4 referee
(Photo: Handout from Jordanian Football Association)
AMMAN — The Jordanian Football Federation on Saturday announced the 2022 list of referees that will officiate international games, which included 8 referees, 10 assistants, 1 VAR referee, and 2 gym referees. اضافة اعلان

The federation’s referee committee has approved eight referees: Adham Makhamdeh, Ahmad Faisal, Mohammad Arafah, Mohammad Mufeed, Sadam Amarah, Ossama Hassan, Israa Mubaideen, and Haneen Murad. 
The list of assistant referees included: Ahmad Munes, Mohmmad Al-Bakar, Ayman Obidat, Ahmad Samara, Hamzeh Abu Ubaid, Hamzeh Saadeh, Qais Khamis, Amr Ajaj, Sabreen Al-Abadi, and Islam Al-Abadi. 

The committee approved Adham as a VAR referee, and Mohammad Abu Tooq and Mohammad Khalil as gym referees. 

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