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August 19 2022 4:55 AM ˚
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National team members announced for Malaysia, Uzbekistan friendlies

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(Photo: Handout from Jordanian Football Association)
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AMMAN— The national football team, led by coach Adnan Hamad, announced the list of 24 players expected to participate in a local training camp on Sunday for a friendly tournament against Malaysia and Uzbekistan. The tournament will run till October 12. اضافة اعلان

The list included: Mutaz Yassin, Abdallah Al-Fakhory, Yazed Abu Laila, Malik Shalabeih, Yazan Al-Arab, Abdallah Nasseb, Muhannad Khirallah, Anas Bani Yassin, Ihssan Hadad, Mohammad Al-Dumary, Mohammad Abu Hashesh, Noor Al-Rawabdeh, Nizar Al-Rashdan, Bahaa Abdelrahman, Udai Al-Saifi, Yassin Al-Bakhit, Ahmad Esriwah, Mahmmod Murdi, Mohammad Abu Zireeq “Shararah,” Musa Al-Taamari, Anas Al-Awadat, Baha Faisal, Hamzeh Al-Dardoor, and Ali Alwan.  

The national football team will start training on Sunday, in the presence of players who have completed their commitments with their clubs, pending the completion of the team formation expected by next Tuesday. 
The friendly tournament will include a match between the national team and Malaysia at 6pm next Thursday at the King Abdullah II Stadium, before Malaysia plays Uzbekistan on October 9.

The final match will be between the national team and Uzbekistan on October 12. 

This tournament is part of the national team’s preparation plan for the 2022 FIFA Arab Cup, which kicks off in Doha late next month, the national team is in group III, along with Morocco, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia. 

The national team will be running a training camp next month, preceding the Arab tournament, where they will play Kosovo on November 10 in Pristina, and will be playing Belarus next on October 16, in Minsk.

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