Hyundai Kona Electric

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The all-new Kona is a vital addition to the Hyundai model family, especially in the SUV B segment, the market’s fastest-growing category of cars.اضافة اعلان

The Kona comes in three power train choices: The Kona electric, petrol, and hybrid models. The fully electric model is the second fully electric car in the Hyundai model family next to the well-known Ioniq electric model.

In terms of design, there are slight differences between the Kona petrol and Kona electric models that are easily noticed. Particularly the front, the colors, and the design elements of the car’s exterior differ. The Hyundai design team created a youthful SUV, representing the new generation of Hyundai’s design language, which began with the new larger SUV, the Santa Fe, which was recently introduced.

The front, missing an open grille; LED lights; and the general shape are all hallmarks of the new generation of SUVs at Hyundai.

The design of the interior is a continuation of Hyundai’s great development. The shape of the dashboard, the seats, the center touch screen, along with many specifications and additions make the new Kona, whether in the petrol or electric model, one of the best equipped cars in terms of specs in its class in the market. The driver can operate many devices through the steering wheel buttons, and the central touch screen is very useful, offering many apps. Additionally, you can operate apps from your smartphone through CarPlay or Android Auto. The Kona also sports a wireless charging feature for your cell phone.

The most important thing about the Hyundai Kona electric model is that it is the best in its class in terms of the range.

With a 315km range through a 39.2kWh battery — a relatively large battery compared to most electric cars currently available — the Kona is a distinctive choice for those who want a car with a practical range of mobility, and most importantly, with adequate power,

The Kona electric power comes from a 134hp electric motor that powers the front wheels of the car.

Charging is possible via a DC rapid-charging system, or normal AC charging. The charging port is located in the front ventilation grille.

The main advantage of EV driving is the astonishingly rapid acceleration from stand still — a feeling that resembles a Luna park go cart. However, the main reward is the economic and environmental benefits of pure electric driving.

With regards to safety, the Kona does not disappoint, with front and side curtain airbags, an anti-lock braking system, electronic breakforce distribution, and electronic stability program, all standard.

The Kona electric offers EV benefits with a fresh looking SUV design and attractive features.

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