Foxtron debuts as the next EV car brand from Taiwan

This picture taken and released by Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA) on October 18, 2021 shows Foxconn founder Terry Gou getting out of an electric car during its unveiling at the Nangang exhibition
This picture taken and released by Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA) on October 18, 2021 shows Foxconn founder Terry Gou getting out of an electric car during its unveiling at the Nangang exhibition centre in Taipei. (Photo: STR / CNA / AFP)
Taiwan’s Hon Hai Technology Group, otherwise known as Foxconn, a global leader in manufacturing smart devices, mainly for tech giants like Apple, last week introduced for the first time their new EV brand called Foxtron.اضافة اعلان

The company is a joint venture between the group and Yulon Motor, and they have already showcased three autonomously developed electric vehicles: the Model C recreational vehicle, the Model E sedan, and the Model T electric bus. 

The group’s announcement at the Hon Hai Tech Day (HHTD21) started: “This year’s Tech Day focused on four core themes: passion, technology, software, and experience.” 

As the HHTD21 event kicked off, Young Liu, chairman of Hon Hai Technology Group, introduced three autonomously developed electric vehicles to media and guests that had tuned into the livestream. 

Foxconn boss Terry Gou has always believed that the adoption of electric vehicles would inevitably be a global trend. He believes that with the strong capabilities of electronic manufacturing, including semiconductors, modules, precision machinery, and operation, Taiwan can play a key role in the development of electric vehicles.

Lilian Yen Chen, CEO of Yulon Motor Group said that in less than a year since its establishment, Foxtron has successfully demonstrated Hon Hai’s strong capability and speed of delivery as well as Taiwan’s decades-long history of research and development expertise. 

Yulon Group’s Luxgen and CMC proprietary brands will be the first partners to adopt Foxtron’s product platform. She said that with determination and support from Hon Hai, Foxtron is capable of playing a key role in the transformation of the automobile industry and advance automobile production in Taiwan.

Young Liu, chairman of Hon Hai Technology Group, said that after announcing its electric vehicle strategy last year, the company had worked throughout the year creating a Hon Hai electric vehicle supply chain and distribution network.
“Hon Hai is ready and no longer the new kid in town,” he concluded.

Foxtron’s electric vehicle lineup

Model C (Photos: Handouts from Foxconn) 

The Model C is the first model built on Hon Hai’s electric vehicle platform and is positioned as an intrinsically optimized electric SUV. The Model C’s four core features are shape, space, power, and energy consumption.

Its design does not only have a minimalist appearance, but also has significantly minimized spaces used for mechanical components and maximizing seating space. The Model C, which is 4.64-meters long with a wheelbase of 2.86m, offers comfortable seating for 5 plus 2 and plenty of storage space, making it easy to navigate crowded metro areas while still enjoying the luxury of a larger car.

The Model C, with a low 0.27 drag coefficient, accelerates from 0 to 100km in 3.8 seconds and delivers an extended range of 700km. Thanks to the advantages of open platform sharing, consumers can have a pure electric SUV with high performance, high efficiency, high intelligence, low energy consumption, and generous space at a reasonable price comparable to a fuel-powered car.

Model E, (Photos: Handouts from Foxconn) 

The Model E, jointly developed by Hon Hai and Italian design firm Pininfarina, is a technologically innovative luxury flagship sedan that can meet the needs of middle and high-end consumers. At the same time, it is also a high-quality first choice for businesses. The rear seat can transform into a dedicated mobile office, with personal mobile devices seamlessly connected to the car, enabling a series of smart applications such as face recognition door opening, smart windows, and vehicle and environment interfaces.

In addition to luxury and comfort, the Model E, with high performance and advanced dynamic control technology, delivers a power output of about 750 horsepower and achieves 0 to 100km acceleration in a staggering 2.8 seconds — better than comparable models in the market and almost at the pace of a Formula One race car. The Model E also has 750km of range to address the range anxiety of most electric car users.

Model T, (Photos: Handouts from Foxconn) 

The Model T is a stylish urban bus. Its high rigid body design and protection meets the Federal Transit Administration’s regulations and standards. In addition, the Model T has completed 200,000km of acceleration endurance testing and more than 1,000 hours of rigid strength tests at the Automotive Research & Testing Center, ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers alike.

In terms of energy consumption and endurance, the Model T’s battery can withstand temperatures of up to 400°C across a range of more than 400km. Under full load conditions, its maximum climbing capacity can reach 25 percent, and its maximum speed can reach 120km/h, providing drivers with a relaxed and smooth driving experience, whilst allowing passengers a comfortable and safe journey.

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