Parents’ key role in educating young minds on Palestine

How the Kingdom has taken an immersive approach to reshaping the narrative of the Palestinian cause

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Parents play a crucial role in the story of Palestine. A historically contested region, oftentimes referred to as a conflict, is not identified for what it is, an ongoing occupation. As society evolves, parents are actively working to change the narrative and enhance their children’s understanding of Palestine’s ongoing occupation of 75-plus years. Through thoughtful approaches to education, promoting empathy, navigating difficult conversations, and spreading awareness among the children, parents are making a meaningful impact on how history is perceived and taught. They are imparting a deeper and more compassionate understanding of Palestine to the younger generation.اضافة اعلان

Taking on the story of Palestine for the little ones
As a mom with two kids, I believe it is incredibly important that we educate our little ones about Palestine’s history. By teaching them about the Palestinian cause and its ties to Jordan, along with the geographical borders as well as the cities and the villages of Palestine, they could understand more about the world around them. We can make it fun by engaging them in activities and reading stories that are age-appropriate and that could introduce the facts and information more simply.

“From Us to Palestine”
For instance, since Israel launched its war on Gaza, The Children’s Museum in Amman has been actively organizing various awareness activities and campaigns for children to learn more about the Palestinian cause. They have created a space where kids can express themselves through drawing, writing letters to Palestine, and even engaging in storytelling sessions that revolve around this important topic.

Additionally, the museum has taken a step further by launching a special newsletter called “From Us to Palestine.” This newsletter aims to keep children informed and connected, providing them with valuable insights and stories related to Palestine. It is truly inspiring to see how the Children’s Museum is fostering awareness and understanding among young minds through a creative outlet.

Palestine in the formal curriculum and extracurricular activities
To add on, Ohood Al-Masri, a dedicated educator, shared with Jordan News that within schools, every available avenue is being utilized to engage students in discussions about the current events surrounding the Palestinian cause. Through both the formal curriculum and extracurricular activities, including morning assemblies and art classes, efforts are being made to foster an environment where students can explore and comprehend global events, encouraging their curiosity and deepening their understanding of the world.

Children are eager to learn
Masri also highlighted the evident enthusiasm among children to delve deeper into learning. This passionate eagerness among the young learners fills her with immense pride and satisfaction. Witnessing this strong desire to acquire knowledge ignites a sense of accomplishment, knowing that my fostering a love for learning and a curiosity about the world is taking root among the students.

Moreover, Zeenaty, initiated by Dar Al-Zenat for Publishing and Expansion in Jordan, focuses on teaching the Arabic language to kindergarten children and non-Arabic speakers across various proficiency levels. Their approach involves using playful methods to make language learning enjoyable for kids, which is widely favored.

The synergy of the Arabic language and Palestine
Mais Saad, the owner of Zeenaty emphasized to Jordan News the profound significance of the Palestinian cause. Saad highlighted the multifaceted approach taken by the center, mixing internal activities like coloring sessions and storytelling with external initiatives such as organizing child-friendly protests to encourage opinion expression. This comprehensive approach aims to engender a deeper understanding and empathy toward the Palestinian cause among both Jordanian local and foreign residents, who exhibit a keen interest in uncovering the history and nuances of Palestine. Zeenaty’s commitment to addressing these curiosities has led to an abundance of inquiries about their upcoming events related to the Palestinian cause.

The olive trees, Dabke, and puppet theater
Furthermore, they are gearing up to launch a series of engaging events commencing on December 17, 2023, coinciding with Arabic Language Week. These activities, conducted in collaboration with schools, encompass a diverse range of child-centric engagements. From crafting hoops adorned with olive tree leaves to teaching children the art of Palestinian Dabke and introducing them to puppet theatre, a fully immersive experience.

Storytelling sessions on Palestine
 Moreover, woven into these activities will be captivating storytelling sessions that delicately touch upon the essence of Palestinian culture and heritage, offering children a window into the rich tapestry of Palestinian traditions.

Parents are vital
Parents are vital in shaping how kids understand global issues and in safeguarding their developing thoughts from outside influences. They create a supportive environment in which children can explore diverse perspectives and learn to distinguish facts from fake news.

Parents play a crucial role in shaping the intellectual and moral foundation of their children, fostering the development of robust values that extend beyond the immediate family environment. Through intentional guidance and modeling, parents serve as mentors, imparting not only a set of beliefs but also the skills necessary for their children to construct and articulate their own opinions. This process is instrumental in empowering youngsters to navigate the intricate landscape of diverse perspectives and conflicting viewpoints that they will inevitably encounter in the broader society.

By engaging in thoughtful conversations with their children, parents provide a safe space for the expression of ideas, fostering the confidence needed for youngsters to articulate and defend their viewpoints. This mentorship dynamic allows children to develop a strong sense of self and a capacity for discernment, enabling them to navigate the complexities of the world with resilience and an understanding of the richness that diversity brings.

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