Skincare with a surprise ingredient: local honey

Fairouz Bee Care offers natural and local honey-based products

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(Photo: Handout from Fairouz Anabtawi)
AMMAN — A Jordanian entrepreneur is building on her father’s business to produce her own healthy products, all based around a single ingredient: honey.اضافة اعلان

Fairouz Anabtawi, the founder of Fairouz Bee Care, described her products as “bee-based bath and body products, naturally handmade from our Tryaq Honey from Anabtawi Apiaries.” She focuses on natural ingredients to create effective and high-quality skincare products using honey and beeswax.

“The idea of the project started from my father, who is a honey producer,” Anabtawi explained in an interview with Jordan News. “He believes in the benefits of honey, and he advised me to study pharmacy because he believes that honey is a cure for everything. The main goal is to use honey and bee products in skincare products.”

Family support is key to the founder’s business model. Her family created a small workshop and showroom within Anabtawi Apiaries for her to craft and showcase her products. “The team I work with are my family members,” she said.

But Anabtawi built on her deep familial knowledge of bees with formal education in pharmaceuticals. “I did a lot of research and studies to be able to formulate and produce products at home,” she recalled. During her studies, she learned about the research and development process for new product formulas. “A person who wants to produce skincare products must have a scientific background,” she said.

The company, founded in 2019, offers face soaps, exfoliating soaps, body cream and lotions, lip balm, body scrubs, bath salts, deodorants, and other beauty and skincare products. “While producing skincare products, I add pure honey to my products because it has antioxidants and moisturizing benefits,” said Anabtawi.

“Because I feel that these two natural substances (honey and beeswax), generated by our own bees, are so helpful to the skin, our products are formulated to contain as much honey and beeswax as possible, in addition to natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter,” she added.

Like many business owners, Anabtawi faced many obstacles during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as a lack of raw materials. During the lockdowns, the bazaars where she used to showcase her products to potential buyers came to a halt as well, presenting a further challenge to her business.

The entrepreneur has also launched a website for the brand to help her reach a broader audience. “I want to develop my project through marketing, which is an essential component, and I am seeking to export my products abroad and to have a lot of sale points in Jordan.”

Anabtawi added that she aspires to see her project amplified in Jordan and the Middle East. Her dream is that the company serves people, provides jobs, and inspires youth to create, innovate, and research.

“I have developed myself in many fields, such as design and marketing, so that I can take responsibility for my project and my own success.”

Moreover, the founder seeks to educate people and to create public awareness about the importance of nature, in addition to the importance of the natural bee products that can be used for skin treatment and care.

“In the future, I seek to utilize the Jordanian local resources and to use environmentally friendly materials in packaging,” she said.

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