FotografiaJO promotes photography in Jordan through courses, photo tours

(Photo: Handout FotografiaJO)
AMMAN — After years of self-study and discovery trips, partners Mohammad Anabtawi and Hadeel Al-Ramahi decided to share their passion and knowledge in photography by founding their own company.اضافة اعلان

Ramahi, co-founder of FotografiaJO, said in a phone interview with Jordan News that their company holds photography courses as well as outdoor and indoor photography workshops and photo tours to promote photography in Jordan. It also sells limited, high quality, and fine-art photos of Jordanian sites and provides commercial photography services, including products and portrait photography.

“The thing we love the most and aim to develop is teaching photography to different groups such as youth, children, and people who wish to work as photographers,” said Ramahi. “We help people according to the field they love to learn. We offer specialized workshops on different types of photography including food, product, people and couples, events, and landscape photography.”

Ramahi stated that their courses and workshops are instructed by her, Mohammad Anabtawi, and other experts, including food photographer, Samah Qaaqaa.

(Photo: Handout FotografiaJO)

“FotografiaJo was a dream come true. Honestly, photography is not getting enough attention in Amman. People told me and Mohammad that our teaching material is organized and easy to grasp, compared to that of other photography instructors in Jordan,” she said. “Many of our students took expensive courses in photography then came to us saying that we are better in conveying the ideas.”

Ramahi added that their prices are “in hand” and that they vary according to the place and event.

“Our photography courses range from JD100 to JD400, and we give students certificates upon course completion,” said Ramahi. “Our workshops can be outdoor or indoor, and usually last from one to two days and cost some JD25. The most expensive workshop was in Wadi Rum and cost JD100.”
Ramahi said that to serve the local community, they regularly hold two-hour free workshops.

“Around 1000 people attended our free workshop at the National Museum,” she said.

(Photo: Handout FotografiaJO)

Ramahi said that FotografiaJO also provides students with basic photography equipment until they can buy their own.

“We have agreements with some dealers in Amman, under which they give our students a discount on photography equipment,” she said.
According to Ramahi, she has diplomas in IT and fine arts. Her fine arts diploma has helped her with photography since “taking a picture is like drawing a painting”.

“Mohammad and I self-studied and read books about photography on our own and followed international photographers,” she said. “When you are passionate about photography, you work to develop yourself and become creative in it. It was a personal effort.”

(Photo: Handout FotografiaJO)

Ramahi said that prior to the onset of COVID-19, FotografiaJO used to organize four to seven-day photo tours and trips around Jordan for tourists.
Mohmmad Anabtawi, co-founder of FotografiaJO, told Jordan News over the phone that he and his partner have always loved photography, discovery, and nature.

He said that through their workshops, they managed to introduce people to “beautiful places” in the Kingdom.

“Lately, Hadeel and I held both solo and joint photo exhibitions. Our exhibitions focused on the artistic side of Jordan. Since Jordan is like an open museum, we concentrated on things we saw but other did not and shared them with people,” Anabtawi added. “My father used to love photography. He was not a professional but an amateur. I used to use his equipment. From then, I developed my passion for photography, and then I studied photography on my own.”

Anabtawi said that photography was his and Hadeel’s hobby, but when he realized how dedicated she was about it, he suggested they open a business.
He said that he met his partner at the Jordan Photographic Society where she used to work, and that he sensed that they could work together.

Shaker Najar, one of their students who took their Photography for Beginners course, told Jordan News that he benefited a lot from it.

“I learned all photography rules, and then I started to apply what I learned practically through workshops and trips organized by FotografiaJO,” he said. “At the time, I was working at a jewelry store, so I practiced what they taught me by taking pictures of jewelry.”

(Photo: Handout FotografiaJO)

Najar said that he had wanted to hone his photography skills, so instead of practicing on his own, he decided to take the course.
The course was centered on photographic lighting, use of different lenses, angles, and editing programs, according to Najar.

He said that he now owns a small media production company that creates professional videos and short films, provides public and private institutions with photography services, and works in the field of product photography with restaurants and companies.

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