The Jordanian company helping content creators build brands

(Photos: Handouts from Meecher)
AMMAN — Launching a brand is a long process where the complications can start right away at manufacturing and delivery.

That is where Merchees, a print-on-demand company founded by Hareth Hijazi, Abdalkader Qwaider, and Ahmad Aburob, hope to fill a void and help people launch their own brand. اضافة اعلان

(Photos: Handouts from Mercheese)

Merchees started in August 2019 as an expansion of their previous brand, Taqeyeh. “We had Taqeyeh in the beginning, but then we wanted to connect Taqeyeh with technology, so we came up with Merchees as a print on demand for content creators because they need it the most” Hareth Hijazi, cofounder of Merchees said in an interview Jordan News.

The main idea behind Merchees is to create designs inspired by content creators. 

“Content creators don’t have the time to deal with printing on clothes, but also they would like to have their own brands, so we provided the opportunity for them to have their own brand without facing the complications,” Hijazi said.

(Photos: Handouts from Mercheese)

“Aside from that, launching a brand on Mercheese costs nothing, where content creators won’t pay for being on the website, but we take a base cost on sold items.” 

Now Mercheese is focusing on graphic printing for clothes, but they are also looking forward to start designing clothes from scratch in order to expand, the cofounder said. 

“We started making perfumes, and we are planning to start fashion design lines in the company because we don’t want to keep only printing basic items,” Hijazi stated. 

Like many other businesses, Mercheese was negatively affected during the lockdown, and they are still recovering from the damage inflicted by the pandemic. “During the lockdown we completely stopped selling, I remember that for a total of three months the sales were literally zero,” Hijazi said.

Some of the content creators that have used Mercheese for their collections include Wissam Qutob, Ahmad aburob, and Muhanad Abu Rezeq, the cofounder said.

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