WHO reports that new covid variant poses ‘low’ global health risk

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The new covid variant, named EG.5, is now spreading at increased rates. Yet in a report, the WHO states that this variant, an offshoot of omicron, does not pose high risks, as it does not have any new means of contagion, symptoms, or likelihood of severe illness.اضافة اعلان

This increased spread is a result of a slight mutation that allows EG.5 to escape some antibodies provided by previous vaccines. This mutation has allowed it to become the dominant strain world-wide.

While this surge in cases is present, experts state that it will not cause a boom as seen with the first omicron variant, various media sources reported.

Meanwhile previous treatments and procedures are equally effective against this variant, so they urge that people maintain any precautions they might have practiced against previous variants.

International spreadThe first cases of this variant were found in China, which continues to have the largest portion of EG.5 cases, at 2247 sequences, as according to the WHO report. Other countries with over 100 sequences are: United States of America (1356 sequences), the Republic of Korea 1040 sequences), Japan (814 sequences), Canada (392 sequences), Australia (158 sequences), Singapore (154 sequences), the United Kingdom (150 sequences), France (119 sequences), Portugal (115 sequences), and Spain (107 sequences).

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