What was the value of Israel's arms trade in 2022?

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AMMAN — According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) database, the total arms trade in Israel for the year 2022 amounted to $1.66 billion. This trade included $831 million in Israeli arms exports and $829 million in imports.اضافة اعلان

As reported by Khaberni, The United States was a major supplier of arms to Israel in 2022, exporting $422 million worth of weapons. Germany followed, supplying Israel with arms totaling $402 million. Italy also contributed, though to a lesser extent, adding $6 million.

The total value of Israeli arms exports to various countries in 2022 was $831 million. At the top of the list, India imported Israeli arms worth $247 million. The Philippines came in second with $206 million, while the United States acquired $128 million worth of Israeli weapons.

The United Kingdom was one of the significant recipients, with $75 million in arms imports. The Czech Republic, Thailand, Finland, Germany, Singapore, and Canada imported varying quantities, reflecting the diverse nature of Israeli arms exports.

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