War in Gaza threatens Biden’s Jewish voter support

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WASHINGTON — The Wall Street Journal reported that the ongoing war in Gaza, coupled with US President Joe Biden's criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, poses a threat to Biden's support among American Jewish voters. The newspaper suggests that prolonging the war will further deepen the divisions within Biden's electoral base. While publicly criticizing Netanyahu, the American president aims to appease the progressive wing but must carefully consider the extent of his criticism to avoid losing support from Jewish voters, who form a crucial electoral base for the Democratic Party.اضافة اعلان

On the other hand, continuing military support for Israel may satisfy pro-Israeli voters in the United States but also risks undermining support from enraged young voters regarding the Gaza situation and America's backing of Israel.

Moreover, the White House is concerned about a potential shift in support from Arab-American voters in Michigan, a pivotal state for Biden's reelection bid, Khaberni reported.

WSJ suggests that Netanyahu's insistence on continuing the Gaza war and prolonging its duration puts him at odds with Biden's concerns about his chances of winning the presidential elections.

It claims that Netanyahu and his supporters perceive Biden as weak because he yielded to domestic political pressures and began pressuring to end the war just as Israel was on the brink of achieving victory.

Publicly criticizing Netanyahu by the American president encourages Hamas and bolsters its position in negotiations aimed at securing the release of hostages in Gaza.

ABC News, citing a senior Israeli official, mentioned that the delivery of American military aid to Israel has slowed down, disrupting Israel's plans to dismantle Hamas in Gaza. Although the official did not specify the reasons for the delay, he indicated that Israel acknowledges American disappointment with the conflict's outcomes and the inadequacy of measures taken by the Israeli side to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

ABC also noted that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer from New York criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on March 14, calling for elections in the country.

In response to Schumer's comments, Netanyahu's Likud party urged the American politician to respect the Israeli government and refrain from destabilizing it while it is engaged in the war.

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