Israeli political crisis deepens amid military criticisms

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TEL AVIV — Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper quoted political sources as saying that estimates indicate the war government may not continue as it is currently being managed. Meanwhile, an Israeli military commander stated that their politicians are not meeting the standards deserved by the soldiers.اضافة اعلان
The newspaper added, citing these political sources, that significant political changes are expected amid the crisis between War Minister Benny Gantz and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Additionally, the newspaper mentioned that the Israeli government plans to close the Intelligence Ministry, with the decision possibly coming next Sunday, Jo24 reported.

Criticism of politicians
On another note, the commander of the Israeli Army's 98th Division called for political unity, emphasizing that politicians aren't meeting the needs of soldiers who are losing their lives in Gaza.

In a statement, he expressed that Israel's failure on October 7, 2023, reflects poorly on them.

Furthermore, the Israeli Army's radio station reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was briefed in advance about the statement made by the commander of the 98th Division. It also mentioned that Chief of Staff Hertz Halevi will discuss his criticisms of politicians with him.

While Channel 12 in Israel quoted the Israeli Interior Minister accepting the commander's statement seriously, stating the need to address divisions, the army spokesperson clarified that the commander's statements were not approved by superiors and he would be summoned for clarification.
Political and security fallout

Regarding the political and security consequences following October 7, the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reported that the head of the Army's research department announced his intention to step down after completing the investigation into the October 7 attack.

An assessment by the US intelligence community revealed a growing lack of confidence in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's leadership among Israelis, predicting large protests demanding his resignation and suggesting the formation of a more moderate government.

The US intelligence community, composed of 18 US federal government agencies, operates independently to support US foreign policy and national security. Founded by former US President Ronald Reagan on December 4, 1981.

In response, an Israeli official stated that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to confront US President Joe Biden, indicating a deteriorating relationship between the two sides.
Channel 12 in Israel quoted a senior Israeli official expressing Netanyahu's anger over the US intelligence report, suggesting a potential loss of power.

The Israeli official added that Netanyahu intends to engage in a strong confrontation with Biden following the CIA report.

These events occur against the backdrop of ongoing Israeli aggression against Gaza since October 7, 2023, resulting in numerous casualties, destruction of infrastructure, and a looming humanitarian crisis.

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