US targets Al-Nujaba Movement in Baghdad, killing one of its leaders

US army
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BAGHDAD – On Thursday, a US defense official confirmed to Reuters that the US military carried out a strike on Baghdad against a leader of Al-Nujaba Movement, an Iraqi faction that is allied with Iran and believed to be responsible for attacks on US forces, Al-Ghad reported.اضافة اعلان

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the US and international coalition forces in the region have been subjected to about 115 attacks since October 17.

Security sources said that at least 4 fighters from Al-Nujaba Movement were killed and 6 others were injured in a drone attack that targeted the faction’s headquarters east of Baghdad. A spokesperson for the group said that the death toll had risen to 4 after one of the fighters died from his injuries.

Police sources, as well as sources from the movement, said that at least two rockets targeted a building occupied by Al-Nujaba Movement. Additionally, they said that rockets targeted a car inside the headquarters, resulting in the killing of a local leader of the faction and one of his assistants, and the killing of two other members of the movement in the attack.

Footage posted showed a burning destroyed car, which they said was targeted in the attack.

Two security sources said that Iraqi security forces are currently deployed in the area, and a security team arrived at the site to conduct preliminary investigations.

The spokesperson and two leaders of Iraqi parties accused the United States of carrying out the attack and threatened revenge. Abu Aqeel Al-Musawi, the local commander of Al-Nujaba Movement, said, “We will take revenge on the Americans and make them regret committing this attack.”

Last month, the US carried out airstrikes in Iraq in response to a drone attack carried out by militants allies with Iran that caused serious injuries to an American soldier and left two others injured.

The US military has already been attacked at least 100 times in Iraq and Syria since Israel began its war on Gaza in October last year. The attacks are usually carried out with a mix of rockets and drones.

The United States has 900 soldiers in Syria and 2,500 soldiers in Iraq, aiming to provide advice and assistance to local forces trying to prevent the return of Daesh.

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