Palestinian youth dies from Israeli forces’ gunfire in Jericho and Jenin

(Photo: Twitter/X)
AMMAN — A Palestinian youth tragically succumbed to severe head injuries inflicted by Israeli occupation forces' gunfire in the Aqaba Jaber camp near Jericho on Wednesday. The Israeli forces conducted arrest operations in the camp, resulting in clashes, at least one live bullet injury, and cases of suffocation.اضافة اعلان

The Red Crescent reported that a young man critically wounded by live ammunition to the head during the occupation forces' raid was rushed to Jericho Hospital, where his condition was described as extremely severe. Unfortunately, he was later confirmed as a martyr due to these critical injuries, Al Mamlaka TV reported.

This incident has raised the death toll to 13 in the Jericho and Jordan Valley region since the beginning of this year. Concurrently, Israeli occupation forces intensified their presence in the camp, conducting widespread house raids, searches, and field interrogations.

In Jenin, medical sources reported that a Palestinian youth from the village of Marka, south of Jenin, succumbed to injuries inflicted by Israeli occupation forces' gunfire, bringing the death toll in the aggression on Jenin camp to four martyrs. Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that Mahmoud Ali Nafi' Al-Saadi (23 years old), Mahmoud Khaled Arrarawi (24 years old), and Rafat Omar Khmeisah (22 years old) had been killed, with 30 others injured, including critical conditions.

A significant Israeli military force invaded Jenin camp, surrounded two houses, and targeted them with multiple rockets. They also prevented ambulance vehicles and medical crews from reaching the injured. Jenin city and its camp witnessed violent confrontations between the youth and the occupation forces.

The Israeli occupation forces employed drones to target the camp's electricity towers, leading to power outages in the camp and parts of Jenin city.

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