Israeli media expresses doubts about the number of IOF casualties

As public patience wears thin, Israelis are questioning the government's declared casualty figures.

(Photo: Twitter/X)
AMMAN — On Tuesday, Dr. Ayman Hunaiti, an expert in Israeli affairs, pointed out that the Israeli media has shifted its focus to highlight the losses of the occupation forces in Gaza while casting doubt on the casualty figures declared by the Israeli government. اضافة اعلان

This shift suggests that Israeli society's patience is wearing thin, and it is no longer willing to bear the burdens of war, including economic and human losses. Hunaiti noted that disagreements over the war and its toll are becoming more apparent. This was evident in the meetings of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Knesset with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who acknowledged that the number of casualties in the Gaza war surpasses those in army operations since the Oslo Accords. This admission caused dissatisfaction among leaders of the Labor Party, who rejected the continued pursuit of the war, Jo24 reported.

Furthermore, Hunaiti explained that recent statements regarding humanitarian truces were made at the request of the Israeli occupation and under the sponsorship of the United States, Egypt, and Qatar.

Negotiations are underway, and pressure is being applied to the resistance to accept these truces following recent meetings between cabinet leaders and the families of released prisoners. The families confirmed that the prisoners were targeted by the Israeli occupation while in Gaza.

Highlighting that Netanyahu avoids discussing post-Gaza arrangements, Hunaiti emphasized that the Palestinian Authority will be responsible for managing these arrangements to prevent provoking Jewish extremists within the government and to preserve political gains.

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