Israel returns body of Egyptian who killed 3 soldiers to Egypt

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Egyptian-Israeli border. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Egyptian authorities on Monday morning released personal details about the border police officer who killed three Israeli soldiers on Saturday, identifying him as 22-year-old Mohamed Salah. اضافة اعلان

Israel later returned his body to Egypt, according to Israeli media.

According to the latest reports from the ongoing investigation, Salah acted alone.

Two Israeli soldiers were killed early Saturday at a guard post close to the Harif military base, later another Israeli soldier was killed during the ensuing manhunt later on Saturday.

The Egyptians had initially claimed that their border police officer was chasing a drug smuggler, but as more details emerged, backtracked on the claim. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded a full joint investigation with Cairo.

"Israel relayed a clear message to the Egyptian government. We expect that the joint investigation will be exhaustive and thorough," said Netanyahu.

Before the official release of details by the Egyptian authorities, Arab social media was circulating photos of Salah.

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