Israel plans to build settlements dividing East Jerusalem from West Bank

1.Israel settelments
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AMMAN — The Israeli government is set to revisit a contentious settlement plan on the outskirts of East Jerusalem, despite facing opposition from the international community.اضافة اعلان

Known as E1, the plan has repeatedly been delayed in its final approval due to objections from the US and the EU. It proposes the construction of 3,412 settlement units on Palestinian lands in east Jerusalem, a move that would result in complete isolation and further division of the West Bank, according to Jo24.

Over the years, Washington and the EU have consistently cautioned against the implementation of this plan, as it would undermine the prospects of a two-state solution, jeopardizing the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

The objections sub-committee in the Israeli Higher Committee for Planning is scheduled to discuss the plan's objections next Monday, as reported by the Israeli anti-settlements organization Peace Now.

International pressure
"In the past, Israel has postponed the discussion due to international pressure, given the sensitive location of the plan," Peace Now said in a statement.

"The E1 plan aims to establish a bloc of settlements between Ma'ale Adumim and Jerusalem, to prevent Palestinian territorial contiguity between the south and north of the West Bank, and promote the annexation of the Ma'ale Adumim bloc to Israel," it added.

"The building in E1 is essentially fatal to the possibility of a two-state solution, because it divides the West Bank into two parts, a northern and southern region," Peace Now pointed out.

Dividing the West Bank
It explained the construction in E1 "is in line with the settlers' plans to annex the Ma'ale Adumim settlement bloc east of Jerusalem, which is considered one of the largest settlements in the West Bank."

In October 2021, the Israeli Objections Sub-Committee held two discussions about the objections to the scheme.

Peace Now indicated the discussion that will take place next Monday is the " last in the stage of hearing objections.

After this discussion, the committee will make its decision on the plan, it added.
It is not clear if the committee will reject the objections of Palestinian landowners and left-wing Israeli institutions, such as Peace Now, or if the Israeli government will go ahead with the scheme.

But Peace Now warned of the consequences of this step.

"It seems that this pro-settler and annexation government continues to operate according to a systematic plan that leads us to making apartheid a reality, which undermines the chances of reaching a political solution between Israelis and Palestinians," it said.

It added: "The Israeli public and our friends around the world must wake up and prevent Israel from falling into the abyss".

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