Two-state solution is best for Palestinian-Israeli peace – Blinken

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AMMAN —US Secretary of State to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee highlighted in his speech on Monday that the only way to reach a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is through a two-state solution. اضافة اعلان

Washington is providing an addition $1 billion to improve Israel's Iron Dome capability according to Blinken

A two-state solutionIn his speech, he emphasized the US-Israeli relationship, calling it “ironclad” and the country’s commitment to Israeli security as non-negotiable. He also highlighted that the US is delivering an additional $1 billion in funding to replenish supplies for Israeli’s Iron Dome.

He said “settlement expansion clearly presents an obstacle to the horizon of hope that we seek.  Likewise, any move toward annexation of the West Bank, de facto or de jure, disruption of the historic status quo at the holy sites…"

However, he also shared that the US’s interests are in finding a peaceful solution between Israel and Palestinians in a two-state solution.

Securing relationships in the region
Meanwhile, he highlighted that Israel’s integration into the region is crucial, adding that he may visit Saudi Arabia on Friday to also meet with its leaders.

“Integration and normalization efforts are not a substitute for progress between Israelis and Palestinians...Israel’s deepened relationships with its partners can and should advance the well-being of the Palestinian people and the prospects for a two-state solution."

In addition, he said that the US wants Israelis and Palestinians to live side by side in peace with security, freedom, justice, opportunity, and dignity. Adding that the two-state solution preserves Israel’s identity as a Jewish and democratic state.

Settlements, an obstacle for peace
In regards to settlements, Blinken added that they post an obstacle as part of the solution, “any move toward annexation of the West Bank, de facto or de jure, disruption of the historic status quo at the holy sites, the continuing demolitions of home, and the evictions of families that have lived in those homes for generations damage prospects for two states. 

Adding that this goes against US’s promise in providing dignity for its people “they also undermine the basic daily dignity to which all people are entitled."

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