Israel did not prepare for the war— US Admiral

Admiral James G. Stavridis
Retired US Navy Admiral James G. Stavridis. (Photo: Twitter/X)
WASHINGTON Retired US Navy Admiral James G. Stavridis commented on the significant number of Israeli soldiers killed by 'friendly fire,' noting that Israel did not have time to prepare and train the forces prior to launching the ground invasion in the Gaza Strip, Al-Ghad reported.اضافة اعلان

NBC News reported that since the start of the war, Israel has killed 36 of its own occupation soldiers due to friendly fire incidents, bringing the total number of soldiers killed in such incidents to 210. Cited experts suggest that this marks the highest rate in modern military history.

The US news network reported that ‘friendly fire’ incidents leading to the deaths of occupation soldiers included various scenarios, such as Israeli airstrikes and explosive shrapnel. Some soldiers were run over by armored vehicles, while others were mistakenly identified and hit by tank fire, shelling, and artillery.

Moreover, Stavridis hinted at the behavior of the occupation soldiers during the ongoing fighting in Gaza, suggesting that they were firing indiscriminately. He advised senior Israeli officers on the ground to ‘constantly remind the forces not to rush during combat.’

According to RT, when asked about the rates of friendly fire killings in the ongoing Gaza war, the IOF spokesperson described the phenomenon as ‘something terrible.’

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