100 days of Israel’s war on Gaza; over 100K killed, missing, or wounded

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GENEVA — The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor stated that about 100,000 Palestinians have been killed, reported missing, or wounded since the beginning of Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023, noting that the number includes those who now have long-term disabilities.اضافة اعلان

According to Euro-Med’s assessment, a total of 31,497 Palestinians in the Strip have been killed. Of this total, 28,951, constituting 92 percent, were civilians who were killed in Israeli air and artillery strikes on the Strip. This includes 12,345 children, 6,471 women, 295 health personnel, 41 civil defense personnel, and 113 journalists. Furthermore, the war left 61,079 individuals injured, with hundreds of them in critical condition.

The human rights group clarified that its statistics not only include the data provided by the Palestinian Health Ministry but also include individuals who went missing following arrests and forced disappearance by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), as well as those who remain trapped beneath the rubble of buildings hit by Israeli strikes for over 14 consecutive days, leading to the presumption of their death.

1.955 million Palestinians, constituting 85 percent of the total population of the strip have been displaced from their homes and residential areas due to lack of secure shelters, Euro-Med Monitor reported, adding that 69,700 housing units have been destroyed, and 187,300 experienced partial damage. Moreover, during the ongoing Israeli attacks, many facilities have been targeted, including 320 schools, 1,671 industrial facilities, 183 health facilities (comprising 23 hospitals, 59 clinics, and 92 ambulances), 239 mosques, three churches, and 170 press offices.

In addition, Euro-Med Monitor highlighted that Israel continues to escalate its military offensives against Palestinian civilians, seemingly aiming to extend its territorial control to include the entire strip. This also involves uprooting the vast majority of the strip’s population in violation of international law. The human rights group stated that these actions likely amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

According to the Geneva-based organization, Israel is intentionally targeting civilian infrastructure to cause as many casualties, material losses, and widespread destruction as a form of collective punishment. Such actions stand in violation of international humanitarian law, and the 1949 Geneva Convention under the Rome Statute.

Furthermore, Euro-Med Monitor stressed the importance of South Africa’s decision to file a complaint against Israel for committing genocide before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), emphasizing that no matter the outcome, the lawsuit puts genuine pressure on Israel. It further added that if the ICJ does decide to take immediate and temporary action as an initial step, Israel and its allies would be compelled to face heightened political, legal, and moral repercussions.

Euro-Med reiterated its call for an international investigation into the widely documented violations that have occurred since Israel began its ongoing war on the strip. The group also demanded that all those responsible for executing and issuing brutal orders against Palestinians in the strip be brought to justice, and advocated for every victim to be fairly compensated.

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