Netanyahu is afraid, extends Gaza War to evade blame—Israeli media

(File photo: Jordan News)
TEL AVIV — In the ongoing discussions concerning Israel's war on Gaza, Israeli media has shifted its focus to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's actions, highlighting his active efforts to obstruct prisoner exchanges with Palestinian factions in Gaza and his attempts to delay judicial investigations, Khaberni reported. اضافة اعلان

Reserve Major General and Former Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Nimrod Shabir suggested that Netanyahu aims to delay the deal to release the captives held in the Gaza Strip, indicating a reluctance to end the war. Shabir emphasized Netanyahu's apprehension, stating that he is 'very afraid that this war will end.”

 Additionally, Political Correspondent Affairs for Channel 11, Michael Shemesh accused Netanyahu of attempting to postpone the investigation led by State Comptroller, Netanyahu Engelman into the war on the strip, under the argument of potential disruptions to military operations.

Shemesh disclosed that Netanyahu dispatched Government Secretary, Yossi Fuchs to meet with the State Comptroller, urging a postponement of the inquiry, including probes related to the Prime Minister's Office and other security agencies.

Furthermore, Military affairs correspondent for Channel 13, Nir Devori revealed that the State Comptroller sent a response letter to Chief of Staff, Herzi Halevy, which stated, “All senior officials and relevant government bodies are subject to oversight, and there is no intention to obstruct the army’s war effort.”

Devori also highlighted a recent communication from the State Comptroller to Netanyahu’s Office, warning of impending investigations and requesting the preservation of relevant recordings. The State Comptroller sought recordings of all wartime meetings and decisions for examination purposes.

Prior to this exchange, Halevy had criticized the State Comptroller's plans to investigate the performance of Israel’s Occupation Forces (IOF) during and preceding the war.

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