Gaza is Palestinian land, Israel can’t dictate its future – French FM

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna
French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna. (Photo: Twitter/X)
PARIS French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna stated in an interview with CNN on Friday that "Gaza is Palestinian land, and its future is not within Israel's jurisdiction." This comes after two Israeli ministers called for relocating Gaza residents outside the Strip.اضافة اعلان

Colonna emphasized, "It is not Israel's right to determine Gaza's future; it is Palestinian land, and we need to return to the principles of international law and respect them,” Amad reported.

She criticized the call to relocate Gaza residents, deeming it "irresponsible and distancing us from the solution." Colonna added, "Such discourse contradicts Israel's long-term interests," expressing her firm support for a two-state solution.

"Gaza is Palestinian land that wants to be part of the future Palestinian state. We support the two-state solution, the only viable option. Gaza and the West Bank must be part of the future Palestinian state together," she affirmed.

The French Foreign Minister urged that "a democratic state like Israel must adhere to international law and protect civilians while exercising its right to self-defense." Colonna stressed, "Civilians are not responsible for crimes and must be protected."

Colonna underscored France's commitment to "avoiding any further escalation of the situation by all parties, including in neighboring areas such as Lebanon and the Red Sea."

Irish FM: Israeli ministers’ statements are unacceptable
Meanwhile, Irish Foreign Minister: Israeli ministers' statements about transferring Palestinians from Gaza are unacceptable and cause tension.

Scottish FM: Encouraging displacement is ethnic cleansing
In addition, Scottish Prime Minister Hamza Yousef stated that the Israeli government's encouragement of displacement from Gaza and establishing settlements is ethnic cleansing. He urged the British government to act against indiscriminate Israeli attacks in Gaza, criticizing its refusal as shameful. Yousef emphasized that Gaza is Palestinian territory and should not face forced displacement or deportation.

These remarks by the French Foreign Minister were in response to criticism of Israeli Finance Minister Tzachi Hanegbi and National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, who advocated for relocating Gaza residents. Hanegbi suggested that removing Gaza residents could pave the way for Israelis "to make the desert flourish," later clarifying that he envisions any transfer to be "voluntary."

Ben Gvir, separately, pointed out that Israel’s war on Gaza was an "opportunity to focus on encouraging the migration of Gaza residents." Their statements faced criticism from several countries, including the United States, whose Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the statements as "provocative and irresponsible."

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