Gaza: 16,248 fatalities, over 40,000 injured since Oct. 7

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RAMALLAH — Palestinian Health Minister Mai Al-Kaila and Head of the Government Media Office in Gaza Ismail Al-Thawabteh stated in a press conference on Tuesday that the latest statistics on the fatalities from Israel’s war on Gaza have reached 16,248 citizens since October 7.اضافة اعلان

During the press conference, Kaila addressed the catastrophic health situation, noting that over 15,000 citizens were fatally affected in Gaza, while 260 citizens lost their lives in the West Bank provinces.

She explained that about 40,000 citizens have been injured since October 7, with more than 70 percent of them being women and children (over 6,000 children and about 4,000 women), Amad reported. Meanwhile, Thawabteh noted that the Isreali occupation has destroyed 121 government buildings since October 7, and 69 schools in Gaza are now completely out of service.

Additionally, 20 hospitals remain out of service, even though some resumed partial operations after receiving fuel. This leaves all patients, including kidney patients, pregnant women, and children in Gaza, with no place to receive treatment, Amad reported

Hospital occupancy reach 210 percentKaila highlighted the occupancy rate in southern Gaza hospitals, reaching more than 210 percent, coupled with a severe shortage of human resources, medicines, medical supplies, and fuel.

Only civil defense was bombed on Monday
She affirmed that the only civil defense point operating in Gaza was bombed on Monday, rendering it non-operational, meaning there is no possibility of evacuating fatalities and wounded individuals from under the rubble, a real catastrophe.

Only four hospitals are operating
Moreover, she noted that four hospitals in the north are operating partially, providing limited services. Despite international appeals to the Israeli occupation forces to avoid targeting civilians, the number of fatalities continues to rise. Operational hospitals face challenges due to bombings, overcrowding, power cuts, and displacement of citizens.

30 health workers are currently detained
Regarding health workers, she mentioned that about 30 health workers are currently detained by the Israeli occupation, and dozens of healthcare centers have stopped working due to the bombings and fuel shortages.

She emphasized the critical shortage of medicines and medical supplies, especially after all hospitals in northern Gaza were completely out of service. Only four hospitals in the south are minimally operational, offering services to the injured and patients, with a bed capacity not exceeding 1,300 beds.
She mentioned the severe siege imposed by the Israeli occupation on Kamal Adwan Hospital, with intensive gunfire directed at the hospital and patients.

She mentioned that there is no safe passage for their evacuation, posing a new massacre threat.

80 percent of the Gaza population is displaced
Regarding displaced people, she stated that the number in Gaza has exceeded 1.8 million citizens, nearly 80 percent of Gaza's population.

She also mentioned that the epidemic situation in shelters, including schools and hospital premises, has reached catastrophic levels. The severe shortage of water, food, medicine, and hygiene-related supplies has led to the spread of diseases and epidemics among the displaced, with alarming numbers, forewarning a real catastrophe.

In the latest report, WHO stated that deaths due to diseases and the collapse of the health sector in Gaza are expected to be extremely high.

A notable increase in infectious diseases
She reported a noticeable increase in cases of infectious diseases among displaced citizens, with over 117,000 cases of acute respiratory inflammation, more than 86,000 cases of severe diarrhea and dehydration in children under five, and over 50,000 cases of skin diseases, including 26,000 cases of scabies and lice. Additionally, there were more than 2,400 cases of chickenpox.
She clarified that the number of diarrhea cases in children within one month of Israel’s war on Gaza exceeded the cases recorded for the same disease and age group in the years 2020 and 2021 combined.

Furthermore, Kaila noted a significant increase in cases of hepatitis A, with about 1,000 reported cases.

More than 5,300 childbirths recorded since Oct. 7
Since October 7, more than 5,300 childbirths were recorded, averaging 183 cases per day. The number of pregnant women in Gaza has reached 52,000, and there is a lack of safe and medical care for them.
Regarding the attacks by the Israeli occupation army in the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, Kaila highlighted that since October 7, 260 citizens lost their lives, bringing the total fatalities since the beginning of the year to 468, with 3,200 wounded.

Increased attacks by settlers
She highlighted the increasing attacks by settlers, with 308 incidents recorded since the start of the aggression, resulting in injuries and damages to citizens' properties. At least 143 Palestinian families, including 1,014 citizens, were displaced amid settler violence and access restrictions.

Kaila stressed the urgent need to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem, and health institutions. She called for the protection of citizens and the creation of safe zones and passages in Gaza, as well as the protection of hospitals, medical teams, and ambulances.

She urged all international, Arab, and UN parties to intensify efforts to pressure Israeli authorities to allow medical teams from the Palestinian Ministry of Health and volunteer teams to enter Gaza and work in hospitals there.

She also called for increased efforts from all international, Arab, and UN parties to pressure Israeli authorities to allow a greater number of relief trucks, medical supplies, and medicines to enter Gaza.

She appealed to UN institutions, international organizations, and human rights organizations to immediately enforce international humanitarian laws prohibiting attacks on hospitals, health centers, ambulances, medical teams, and medics.

Finally, she called for urgent permission to allow sufficient humanitarian and health supplies to enter Gaza, particularly medicines, medical supplies, food, dairy products, and fuel for hospital generators. She also demanded an immediate halt to the displacement of citizens and immediate support to enhance search and rescue operations.

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