90% of ambulance vehicles in Gaza are out of service

gaza medic PRCS
(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA – Dr. Ahmed Jibril, spokesperson for the Palestinian Red Crescent, revealed that approximately 400 patients remain in the Indonesian Hospital. These patients are showing signs of dehydration, lacking proper nutrition, and surviving on just one date per day, Jo24 reported. He also pointed out that 90 percent of ambulance vehicles in Gaza are out of service, and the infrastructure for transporting the injured has collapsed, rendering them incapable of providing essential services.اضافة اعلان

Jibril highlighted the critical condition of the patients in the Indonesian Hospital, emphasizing the need for special equipment for transportation. The hospital's qualification has been compromised due to attacks by occupying forces.

He further explained that the patients in the Indonesian Hospital are left exposed in emergency areas without any care. Additionally, all hospitals in northern Gaza are no longer operational and are unfit for use.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health intends to establish a field hospital in southern Gaza. The field hospital aims to accommodate and provide healthcare for the evacuated patients, alleviating the pressure on existing medical facilities in the region.

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