Family elders in Gaza reject cooperation with entities other than Hamas

(File photo: Jordan News)
GAZA – On Thursday, prominent family elders in the Gaza Strip informed UN officials of their refusal to cooperate with anyone other than the government and security agencies within the territory, which are led by Hamas.اضافة اعلان

Sources cited by Al Jazeera indicate that these family elders are open to collaborating on aid distribution, but only if it is coordinated with Gaza's security apparatus. Khaberni reported that they have turned down an offer of cooperation from an Israeli government coordinator in the region.

Military and strategic expert Major General Faysal Al-Dweiri likened the proposed aid distribution through Gaza's clans and families to a strategic move akin to the Awakening Councils in Anbar, Iraq. He noted that the idea mirrors a tactic used by the US military during its operations in Iraq.

The Awakening Councils emerged in Iraq following the US invasion to counter Al-Qaeda's influence. These Sunni tribal assemblies significantly diminished Al-Qaeda's presence with support from US forces and the Iraqi government.

Dweiri explained that the Israeli occupation is attempting to establish a new version of the Awakening Councils, initially focused on aid distribution but with eventual security responsibilities. However, Hamas and other Gazan factions vehemently oppose such initiatives, viewing them as attempts to exert control over the territory.

Reports from Israel's Channel 14 suggested that Palestinian intelligence chief Majed Faraj was in the process of forming an armed force in the southern Gaza Strip, comprising families not aligned with Hamas, to manage aid distribution.

In response, a Hamas security official denounced any communication with the Israeli occupation from tribal leaders and clans in Gaza, labeling it as a national betrayal. He asserted that Israel's efforts to establish governing bodies in Gaza would fail.

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